Safety Check
  • Nuts and bolts tightened accordingly.
  • Cable tension checked and adjusted.
  • Headset and BB checked and adjusted.
  • Tyres inflated to recommended pressure.
  • Please note: If parts are replaced this becomes a general service. This is a check for safe use.
Full Service
Labour exc. parts
  • This is a full strip down and rebuild.
  • Everything that is included in a general service applies but first we strip the bike down to the very last bearing and bolt.
  • Headset faced if needed.
  • Bottom bracket faced and threads re-chased.
  • We then anti seize, reassemble and begin setup.


workshop5Puncture – £6 Labour, plus inner tube.
Special puncture – (hub gears, pedal back brakes, full chain guards e.g Brompton, Pashley etc) – £15 Labour plus inner tube.
Electric bike puncture – £25 Labour plus inner tube. (The non electric wheel will be charged at the standard rate of £6 Labour plus the inner tube)
Brake service – £25 plus any parts replaced.
Gear service – £25 plus any parts replaced.
Drive train clean and degrease – £15 plus any parts replaced
Wheel true – £15 each wheel plus spokes if needed (£1 each for silver, £1.20 for black)
Hub service – £15 Labour plus parts.
Disc brake bleed – £20 Labour plus parts (includes fluid)
Headset fitting – From £25.
Bottom bracket fitting – From £25.
Boxed bike build – From £45.


For any other jobs or enquiries please feel free to call us in Molesey on 020 8979 0707 or Kingston on 020 8549 9766